Monday, 3 January 2011


This morning, whilst watching a small flock of Redwings, Blackbirds and Fieldfares, which were feeding on the Hawthorn berries behind my garden, I suddenly became aware of a familiar "trilling" call of Waxwings. Looking out of the front window I was absolutely amazed to see a flock of approximately 30 birds perched up on the telephone wires right outside my house!!!
                                                              Waxwings outside my house!!!

Some years, when there is plenty of food on the breeding grounds of northern Scandinavia, very few Waxwings come to the UK, but the winter of 2010/11 is what birders refer to as a "Waxwing Winter", when large numbers of birds have arrived in the country. As a result there are literally thosands of birds spread around the country, but to see some so close to home has really made my day.

I ran out of the house with my 'scope and camera and managed to get a few shots as the birds flew down and fed on the berries of a neighbour's Rowan tree. Enjoy!

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